Thanks Google, and while you’re at it…

My last post about google was their adwords service not working for me… My account finally started showing ads a full week later. But it’s working now, so thanks.

So while we’re fixing problems, any hints on why this keeps happening. I use a couple gmail accounts for personal and business use, and recently switched to thunderbird for my email client and connect to my gmail accounts using imap. I actually switched to thunderbird because Outlook 2007 was completely lousy at handling imap (complete freezups for minutes at a time), but that’s another story.

So this has been working pretty well so far, except for one annoyance. I have thunderbird save the passwords for my accounts, but google seems to suddenly reject or expire them somhow every couple days or so. No set pattern, just seems like every morning at least one of my accounts needs me to re-enter the password, even though it still shows the “******” (my saved password) in the login box.

I havent figured out if this is a thunderbird problem or a google one, but whichever it is, gets annoying having to always redo passwords. I’m hoping this is one of those “doh how did I not see that” items.


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