Is This the Road to Candyland?

Here’s a strange one.

Driving on the interstate yesterday, I noticed some popping noises from my radio which happened to be running at elevated volume. Thinking I’d finally blown the factory speakers, I turned the radio down to investigate and figured out the noise must be coming from that strange increasingly-growing-thicker brownish streak on the road as it stuck to my tires and flung up under the car. 

I had to exit about that time and was more than glad to do so. However the junk flying off my tires continues for miles after I got off the freeway.

Once I parked atmy destination, I opened the door and immediately smelled something that was, well, pretty dang good smellin!

Apparently I had found a trail of thick sticky molasses leaked on the interstate. Some poor tank truck driver must have lost his cargo on his way to the candy factory, which instead made a nice tarmac-flavored candy coating on my car, complete with a light gravel topping.

I suspect I still have several gallons of it stuck on there. Everywhere Ive parked since, I’ve left a nice puddle of goo.  Fortunately I think it will dissolve in water, now I just gotta find a place I can submerge my car for week or so.


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