Google Adwords and the Mysterious Case of the Phantom Billing System

Well I’m having second thoughts about staying long with my google stock. I just finished a chat with a google adwords tech, and my faith in the company is, eh, not what it used to be.

I started telling my story here in detail but just realized that the chat log pretty much summarizes things.

Thank you for contacting Google AdWords. Please hold a moment while we route your chat to a specialist who will help you with your question: “Enabled ads last thurs and they still are not running. Dont know what I need to do to get them going. “.
TechDude: Hello Boomhauer. Thanks for contacting Google AdWords. I’m happy to help you.
Boomhauer: thanks
TechDude: For account verification purposes, can you please give me your customer ID number?
Boomhauer: sure, it is (number here)
Boomhauer: I was added to this account by (my associate)
TechDude: Would you mind waiting a moment while I pull up your account?
Boomhauer: please do
Boomhauer: ive waited 4 days already đŸ˜‰
TechDude: thanks for waiting.
TechDude: I see that the card you have on file has not been charged successfully on a previous occasion and this is the reason your ads are not running.
TechDude: You will need to update your payment details for your ads to run.
Boomhauer: (my associate) just updated the card details, we have a new address for the card. it is a valid card.
Boomhauer: what do we need to change to force it to start running again?
Boomhauer: very frustrating that the system doesnt tell me a reason the ads are not running.
Boomhauer: i had hoped to get a lot of the july 4th weekend traffic to our site, but we were unable to do this, and not even told why.
Boomhauer: i waited all weekend for the ads to go live.
TechDude: I understand your situation. Just re-submitting the card details should enable the system to validate your card.
Boomhauer: should he remove the card and re-add it?
Boomhauer: becuase he already edited the card info last week.
TechDude: yes, removing and then adding will help.
Boomhauer: ok.
Boomhauer: very dissappointed. will get this done.
TechDude: If you ace any more problems in doing this please feel free to chat in again.
Boomhauer: (my associate) is trying to remove and add the card back now, but all it lets him do is edit it, which he already did last week.
Boomhauer: so it sounds like he has already done what is needed.
Boomhauer: can you force the account to re-auth the card?
TechDude: In the edit option you can enter the new card details.
Boomhauer: he put the same card info back in, i think this is why it doesnt work.
Boomhauer: this is what he already used.
Boomhauer: several days ago
TechDude: yes, can you try using some other card please.
Boomhauer: that is our business card we use for everything. it is fine. we dont have another card to use.
Boomhauer: there is NOTHING wrong with this card.
Boomhauer: we buy (big money figure) of dollars of parts every week using it.
TechDude: Can you please try-re-entering all the details of this card again?
Boomhauer: will do right now.
TechDude: It seems that this card had expired sometime back.
Boomhauer: (late month)/09 is the expiration
TechDude: If you have renewed this card then please be sure to change the expiry date in AdWords account.
TechDude: To update your payment information, please follow these steps:
TechDude: 1. Sign in to your AdWords account at (link here)
TechDude: 2. Select the ‘My Account’ tab.
TechDude: 3. Click ‘Billing Preferences’.
TechDude: 4. Edit your primary and backup card information. Be sure to enter
TechDude: your payment details, including card number and new expiration date, accurately.
TechDude: 5. Click ‘Save Changes’.
Boomhauer: Im looking at it right now- it already says expiration is (late month) 2009!!!
Boomhauer: it is NOT expired
TechDude: Can you please re-enter all the details again following the steps I have given.
Boomhauer: why?? it already has the right expiration!
Boomhauer: something is broke on google’s side. Im tired of trying to debug it for you.
Boomhauer: i wasted all weekend on this.
Boomhauer: look at the account. tell me what expiration date you see.
Boomhauer: it is (that month again) 2009.
Boomhauer: it is correct.
Boomhauer: it is not expired.
TechDude: Boomhauer, sometimes re-entering the billing information helps.
Boomhauer: the frustrating part is, as a tech support person, apparently you cant fix this? you need me to “try” something and just hope?
TechDude: can you do that please/
Boomhauer: yes ill do it.
TechDude: Please note that our billing process is automated and is done by the system.
Boomhauer: apparently it is broke.
Boomhauer: please pass this chat on to your superiors and let them know of my frustration.
TechDude: If your account is still not active within a couple of hours please contact us again.
TechDude: I will inform the concerned team regarding the issue you are acing.
Boomhauer: fine. Ill beg google to take my money đŸ˜‰
Boomhauer: thank you for the help
TechDude: I apologize for your frustration.
TechDude: You’re welcome.
TechDude: It was a pleasure chatting with you. If you have any more questions, please feel free to visit our Help Center.

Slightly off topic, but why has every liveperson implementation Ive seen done with any larger company seem to be a token gesture not meant to give any results? Comcast comes to mind… I feel like “hey, you could call us and spend 2 hours on the phone and finally find someone who can help you… Or, just click this button and we’ll quickly give you a warm body with no power to solve any issue you have, but youll feel better after punching capslock and unloadingsyour frustration”. So far, liveperson is batting zero for me.

Google, please fix this. I wasted a chunk of my july 4th weekend doing everything I could think of to try to get my new ads running and attempt to get some sales from all the customers where were off for a long weekend… a good portion of which I imagine were on the web, buying my competitor’s inferior products (competitors: you know i’m just kidding about that inferior part, right?).  If my credit card is having problems, let me suggest a notification: “Attention: your credit card is unable to be charged and requires updating”. See how that works?

And if that is too difficult, could you maybe consider giving your support guys the power to actually fix something? I don’t need virtual handholding.

I never imagined I’d have to work so hard to give someone my money.


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