To Catch A Geek: Texas to Jail Computer Techs

Texas, of whom I am usually proud to call myself a native, somehow managed to pass one of the stupidest laws I’ve heard of in a while. If you work in computer service and repair (cough*geek*cough), you now are required to either have a criminal justice degree or a private investigator license. A CJ degree of course is 4 years, and a PI license takes at least 3 years of training to obtain. Punishment can be up to $4000 fine and imprisonment , and – get this – even a customer of such services can face the same punishments, even just for SOLICITING work from an “unqualified” geek.

Think about this. How many members of your local geeksquad, or your neighborhood ‘pooter geek, are going to have these qualifications? NONE.

Then also think about this: I don’t want to bash law enforcement, but think about the people you know with CJ degrees. Either cops, or college athletes who didn’t know what to take. Ok that was a bit harsh, but seriously, these are the guys we have to rely on to fix our PC’s for the next 3 to 4 years while the “real” geeks get “educated”? Refer to Zoolander clip.  (sorry, couldnt figure out how to embed this one..)

Texas has very few restrictions on gun ownership, and allows carrying a concealed weapon after taking a class that lasts all of 4 days (last I checked). Only in Texas: 4 days to be packin’ heat, 4 years to help your gramma find her missing recipes file.

There’s at least one lawsuit already in progress over this, from the good guys at the Institute for Justice. This link describes more about the law and what they are doing to fight it. I can’t remember the last time I called lawyers “good guys” but I wish them luck in reversing this stupidity.

Of course there is that silver lining… now when your friends ask you for help with their PC, you have a  reusable excuse instead of having to invent a new one every time.


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