The patented solution to the world’s energy problems (hint: not really)

This one has amazed me for a while, figured I would post it here.

Following is a patent, number 7095126, which was issued in 2006 for an energy creation device… first, take a look at some pictures:


What a great idea! In fact, I remember trying this one when I was a (really young) kid. I had a motor connected to the rear tire of my bicycle, and a generator hooked up to one of the tires (maybe it was the front tire, you know, since that might make it work better). The generator had gearing to spin it much faster than the motor, thus the bike should generate its own electricity and power itself.

It’s a barely genius idea, except of course it doesn’t work. It is a classical example of a free energy machine, also known as a perpetual motion machine.

So let’s review patent number 7095126. Electric motor, check. Generator, check. Gearbox to make the motor spin the generator faster. A battery to get things started. And a load to use all that extra electricity you will generate. A truly bare bones implementation of a perpetual motion machine, minus the usual clutter of obfuscation in an attempt to fool yourself or others into believing it really works.

Iv’e expressed frustration for years over what the patent office has become and the level of incompetence it has reached. It appears they will grant a patent on just about anything, unlike the rigorous and difficult path that washistorically required to obtain one. But even the PTO has specific rules regarding perpetual motion machines, specically that NO PATENTS BE GRANTED FOR THEM.

So, this means that the patent examiners either a. knew this was perpetual motion, and accepted it anyway, or even worse b. accepted it because they didnt recognize this as perpetual motion.

I propose that any future discussions or debates about the quality of work being produced by the US Patent Office, simple state “7095126” followed by a “QED”. Nothing more need be said.



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