Howdy, and Why?

Since I spend a lot of time online seeking solutions to problems (aka, find some sucker who has already done the work for me), I finally decided to start this to keep the results of my “hard work” in one location. A lot of this is programming related, and specifically of the C# flavor.

But I also have a problem of what I call “reventing”… inventing things that have, well, already been invented… sometimes almost a century ago. But these reventions are typically interesting discussions nonetheless, so why not put them here. And perhaps it could help me avoid re-reventing, and it’s not like I’m revealing some big secrets.

If you are wandering in from some far side of the globe, let me explain that “Howdy” is how we say “Hello” in Texas. Or at least, how we used to. Although it was never considered proper english, I’m trying to at least keep this reminder of our past alive, as it seems most Texan’s no longer speak “Texan” anymore… we all sound like boring midwest losers like the kind you see on tv… myself included. Well, except for the growing quantity of “press 2” crowd here, but that’s another topic.