Porting dashCommerce to nopCommerce

Looking for recommendations for how to port a bunch of products from dashCommerce (which appears to have suddenly gone defunct, see my prev post). Im currently looking at database hacking to move some basic data across, but this might be a useful tool for all the dc users who are now stranded with a product that has absolutely no support. Please comment with any suggestions or solutions.


dashCommerce shut down. Now what?

Looks like the asp.net based project dashCommerce has shut it’s doors… no warning that I know of, and the whole website(s) have been replaced with a simple notice that the project no longer exists. Must have been some strange circumstances, since I’m sure a lot of people would have been interested in taking over the project instead of seeing it just (suddenly) close the doors. I have a store running the dashCommerce source, so this is a bit of concern.

So now that the pool of ecommerce solutions for asp.net has been reduced by one more, what is a .net ecommerce type to do?

I’m actually in the process of porting my dashcommerce store over to nopCommerce, which seems to now be the big boy in the space (if not the only player?).  Take a visit to www.nopcommerce.com to find out more.

What I’d really like to see is a .net ecommerce store based on the new MVC framework. The projects I’ve seen in existence seem to get hung up on tuning architecture and have no real intention of ever releasing something useful. With this in mind, I started www.mvccommerce.com some time back… no content yet at time of writing this. The project is registered with codeplex  ( http://mvccommerce.codeplex.com) and will be looking for devs. If you just want to keep an eye on it, follow it at twitter – http://twitter.com/mvccommerce

I’m also a fan (and a dev for) MVCCMS, which has ecommerce capabilities coming soon, so you may want to take a look at it as well, at www.mvccms.com .

But for getting your (open source asp.net) store open asap, looks like nopCommerce will be the way to go for a while.   Add your comments if you have any other recommendations I may have overlooked.

Faster than the wind

Saw some article in PopSci about a wind powered car, and it used a propeller to drive the drive wheels. Claimed it could drive directly into a headwind with the setup. Which makes sense, but then we later began discussing whether it could go fater than a tailwind. Very non-intuitive, but turns out this is possible… and pretty dang cool. I did some searching and found this discussion on the topic: http://karmatics.com/dwfttw (dtfttw = downwind faster than the wind)

Another short promotion- rfidpedia.com

Have a new site out, rfidpedia – at www.rfidpedia.com – goal of which is to be a comprehensive directory of RFID related products and services. Feel free to check it out.

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Short Promotion – HyundaiOwner.com

Just a quick promotion for www.hyundaiowner.com , a new forum for Hyundai car owners. The new Genesis is showing that Hyundai means business, so I expect there to be increasing interest in this company and their cars going into the future. Heck I wouldnt mind driving a Genesis myself 😉

wpf printing with xps – avoiding rasterization

I’ve had a collection of headaches getting printing to work correctly in a wpf app that displays long vertical graphs of geological data.  Paging is one topic Ill cover later (as Im still trying some things to determine which works best), but a recent headache has been apparently random rasterizing of parts of the printout. I normally print using acrobat to a pdf for testing purposes (don’t wanna waste paper!), and I’d noticed that some parts of the graph seem to get rasterized while others stay in vector fomat. You probably already know this but rasterized output will typically not look as good on most printers, plus it can rapidly increase your data size sent to the printer (or pdf). And, if you are using a pdf, you can zoom in on the file when viewing it.. so any rasterized parts will get all jaggie and ugly.

So, my lessons learns so far in avoiding this:

-Dont use opacity settings. So far, I only had opacity levels set for some background fills inside a curve line. This would result in rasterizing both the curve line, fill, and apparently anything drawn behind it- which in my case included the entire background grid.

-(I havent verified this one, but-) dont draw geometry that extends past a clipped edge. For example, my curve lines would draw past the edge of the canvas they were displayed on, and the canvas had clipping turned on. Again, not verified, but i think this was causing rasterization.

– Don’t dump an oversized visual into a page that it doesnt fit in. This is another one I havent confirmed, but it seemed that the longer the data I shoved into a page (and which continued off the end of the page), the more likely some parts wound up growing jaggies.

If I find more, Ill add it here. Now I’m off to figure out efficient ways to chop up my graph into pages.

My favorite projects

These are a few of my current favorite programmer/nerdy type projects on the web-

ReactOS – I’ve been watching this one a long time and it seems to be building steam. This is a free/open source clone of Windows… While still in alpha stage, and crashes are frequent, it is truly amazing how much windows functionality is working. Even Firefox 2.0 runs in it. I’ve been contributing some bug reports and compatibility report, and hope to get deeper involved in the future.

Cosmos – A .Net based OS… ok that’s a bit confusing, but basically you write .Net code and this project is able to compile the .Net into direct assembly language. Also a bit early, but also progressing nicely. I’m envisioning using this on some small and/or embedded systems in the future.

Phalanger – This is an awesome project which compiles PHP code into CLR… so you can run all those php apps in an IIS/.Net environment, and even develop in visual studio. Unfortunately it has gone a bit stale, the rumor I heard is one of the leads was hired by MS and doesnt have the time to put into the project any longer. I’m hoping the best for the project.